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How to Install Pool Cover Reel

Published: August 8, 2010

Installing a cover reel in your pool is very necessary. It makes pool cover set up more convenient especially to pool owners who have big-sized swimming pools. Aside from that, pool cover disassembly will be quick and easy while preventing damages in the pool cover.

There some things to be considered when you want to install pool cover reel in your pool. Since this pool accessory is not that popular in some pool owners, when they decided to purchase and have it in their pool, sometimes the accessory turns out to be useless because they don’t have enough knowledge on how to install it properly.

To cater this need of pool owners who intend to use pool cover reels in their pool, four quick and easy steps on how to install pool cover reel were listed below. All they have to do is follow every instruction properly and accurately.

Estimate the Layout of the Pool Cover

Calculate the size of your pool cover reel. Put marks on the pool rail where the reel brackets will be placed. See to it that the reel you are going to mount will not hamper the other pool facilities and equipment particularly the pool ladders and pumping systems.

Snap and Screw on the Reels

Numerous types of pool cover roller escalate unswervingly on the top rail of the pool with special clips. This type of clip fastens in outside pool rail and locks into place by just snapping in the bottom of the inner rail. While some types of reels such as single tube commercial reel for pools up to 21' - 24' - pool covers comes with snap-connector and screws upon purchase that gives better grip.

You have to make sure that the mounting feet are lined up straight when you place you pool cover reel. Proper positioning of the mounting feet greatly affects the function of the reel. It may shove or dislocate when you not take into consideration its appropriate location. Some mounts utilize 3 to 6 screws for better grip and good performance.

Install a Pool Cover Handle

Install cover handles at the far end of the pool after the reel has properly installed. These pool cover handles will allow you to fasten the end of the pool cover to the top of the pool to keep it firmly in place. If your pool cover reel doesn’t have locking handles, you can install an improvised one to make sure that it will function well and will give extreme support to your pool cover and reel.

Check the Pool Cover Reel

Once your pool cover reel has been installed, test it if it is properly mounted. Install your pool cover in the reel and roll it up with the cover reel. Make sure no screw up parts of the cover will be rolled. Afterwards, unroll the pool cover and ensure that it easily connects to the locking handles. When it functions properly you can already use it in your pool.

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